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Fireside Chat with Hamish Brewer Award Winning Educator, Skateboarding Tattooed Principal, Author, International Speaker

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
1:00 pm2:00 pm

Join us to have a dynamic Q&A Session with Hamish Brewer, a powerful and positive disruptor in Education who became affectionately known as the Relentless, Tattooed Skateboarding Principal. Hamish is a speaker, best-selling author, and strong advocate for tackling the toughest issues in education head on.
We'll have some prepared questions for Hamish, but you can ask your questions, too -- so come prepared to listen, be inspired and take part in this inspirational session.
Hamish is happy to take questions on any/all of these areas - plus areas of utmost importance to you and your work.
1. Educational Advocacy
2. Supporting Students Who Have Experienced Extraordinary Challenges
To get a better sense of Hamish, his style and his background, please check out these quick, compelling video resources showcasing his work as a Principal. Hamish is now focused full-time on being a catalyst for change in schools across the world.

  • National CASA
    National CASA
  • Illinois DCFS
    Illinois DCFS
  • The Office of Illinois Courts
    The Office of Illinois Courts
  • Illinois Attorney General
    Illinois Attorney General