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The Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances

Monday, November 21, 2022
10:00 am11:00 am

Join us to learn about one of the newest resources available here in Illinois. The Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances is a statewide resource and referral hub for connecting people to information, harm reduction, treatment, recovery and support services across the state. The Helpline can be reached at 833-234-6343, HELPLINEIL.ORG or you can text the word “HELP” to 833234 to be connect to one of our system information specialists.

Bryan Gooding is an advocate, activist, sometimes agitator with 20 years of community outreach and advocacy experience, advocating for people in both the Substance Use and HIV spaces. Living the mantra of “meeting people where they are at” Bryan believes in healthcare and access to essential services as a human right and social justice/equity issue. Currently working with the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago Bryan serves as the Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and other Substances. Bryan is lifelong learner with lived experience and a passion to give back and create change in the communities he serves.

Our impact this year has changed our community!

  • Children Served in FY22


  • Volunteer Hours in FY22


  • Volunteer Advocates in FY22


  • Number of New Volunteers in FY22


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