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Illinois CASA works to assure sound public policies in Illinois on issues affecting the child welfare system, the well-being of children and youth in state custody and other policy areas related to our mission.

Along with the local CASA programs and their volunteers, Illinois CASA engages in a variety of efforts to study, develop and change public policies. Additionally, Illinois CASA staff members conduct research, collaborate with other advocacy and stakeholder groups, participate in special task forces and engage in other processes to develop and impact policy.

Current examples of Illinois CASA’s public policy endeavors include:

  • Member of the Children’s Justice Task Force
  • Attending and Contributing to Legislative Task Forces, Caucuses and Committees
  • Participating in advisory councils at the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority, the Department of Children and Family Services and the Illinois Office of the Courts.

Legislative Updates

Illinois CASA with the support of our network is working hard to ensure and increase funding for the entire network in FY23 through Senate Bill 4146 and House Bill 4837. 

Change the Future of Children in Illinois

Volunteer Advocates help provide a voice for thousands of children who have experienced abuse or neglect in Illinois so that their needs are met while in the foster care system. In 2021:

  • 22,357 children were in legal care of the State of Illinois.
  • 6,814 children in Illinois entered foster care.
  • 1,627 youth in care between ages of 18-21.
  • 5,413 children achieved permanency.
  • Despite contact with DCFS, 122 children died in 2021 of abuse and neglect according to the Inspector General's Report.
  •  3,573 CASA volunteers served 9,350 children.



Our impact this year has changed our community!

  • Children Served in FY23


  • Volunteer Hours in FY22


  • Volunteer Advocates in FY23


  • Number of New Volunteers in FY22


Thank you to our generous sponsors:

  • National CASA
    National CASA
  • Illinois DCFS
    Illinois DCFS
  • The Office of Illinois Courts
    The Office of Illinois Courts
  • Illinois Attorney General
    Illinois Attorney General