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Socially Distant Book Club 



  • Question #1

    What were your opinions about poverty and the poor before you read MAID? What were the sources of the information that influenced these opinions?

  • Question #2

    What is class prejudice? What ideas make up the “wall of stigmas” that Land is faced with? What explains the psychology of antagonism toward the poor?

  • Question #3

    Why had each of Land’s parents “moved on”? What explains the emotional abandonment of their daughter and granddaughter? How did this lack of support affect Land?

  • Question #4

    In what ways does cleaning people’s houses seem like “a last resort” to Land? What are the effects of feeling “invisible” at a job?

  • Question #5

    What are the particular challenges for Mia? What’s most importantfor children affected by poverty?

  • Question #6

    What state and federal programs are helpful to Land and Mia? What are the challenges of accepting such assistance?

  • Question #7

    What explains Travis’ “lack of desire to wander, or wonder, or learn?" What else might prevent people from wanting to understand themselves and the world more?

  • National CASA
    National CASA
  • Illinois DCFS
    Illinois DCFS
  • The Office of Illinois Courts
    The Office of Illinois Courts
  • Illinois Attorney General
    Illinois Attorney General