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WORKSHOP Excellence in Advocacy

Thursday, December 9, 2021
9:00 am12:00 pm

Some program staff wear one hat while others wear many. Join us for a three-hour workshop to better understand how each role can help support NCASA’s Core Model and new standards. This training is recommended for new staff, people who would like a refresher and for local programs when a new ED comes on board. However, all staff are welcomed! Topics covered:

-Elements of volunteer screening and the importance of it

-The role and responsibilities of an Advocate Supervisor

-The importance of volunteer retention and how to engage volunteers

-Key elements of case management

-How to evaluate elements of a quality report

Session will be over Zoom. Contact or for more

  • National CASA
    National CASA
  • Illinois DCFS
    Illinois DCFS
  • The Office of Illinois Courts
    The Office of Illinois Courts
  • Illinois Attorney General
    Illinois Attorney General