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Normalizing and the Role of Therapy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
11:00 am12:30 pm

As a survivor of extraordinary childhood abuse herself, Libby Buchanan is able to bring some much-needed context as well as unique insights into the world of abused and neglected children. After doing the hard work of reconciling her past, she can now give voice to the fears, beliefs and perspectives of broken and hurting children.

This webinar will include:
• Normalizing. It’s important for attendees to understand that they and the child they’re representing may see, interpret and understand the world very differently. The filters through which a child with PTSD view his/her environment can be surprising and varied. Attendees will gain an understanding how simple matters like compliments, gift giving, sarcasm and playful threats can easily be misinterpreted by the child being represented.
• The Role of Therapy. There are several reasons why most kids are reluctant to go to therapy. And when they do go, they are rarely willing to talk about the trauma that is sending them there. But that’s okay. There is more to therapy than revisiting abuse.

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