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The Inner World of a Child with PTSD: Making Sense of Behaviors that Make no Sense

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
11:00 am12:30 pm

The objective of May 19th’s webinar is to draw the attendees into the world of children with PTSD in order to see, experience, and interpret the environment through the child’s eyes. As we know, abuse deeply influences how a child will relate not only to other children and adults, but to new situations like foster care and group homes. The aim is for advocates to be better equipped to translate and unravel the complexities of an abused child’s behavior in order to build cooperation and a stronger rapport.

As a survivor of extraordinary childhood abuse herself, Libby is able to bring some much-needed context as well as unique insights into the world of abused and neglected children. After doing the hard work of reconciling her past, she can now give voice to the fears, beliefs and perspectives of broken and hurting children.

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